Syracuse Fashion Hot Spots

SU students reveal their go-to shops around campus. This piece also ran in the Spring 2009 issue.

By Maria-Nicole Marino

Q: Where do students shop for those fashion must-haves that keep the campus trendy?

A: “I shop at Carousel Mall, Shirt World, and I window shop at J-Michael’s.  Down Under Leather also has really cool shirts.  I like to go to Carousel because there is much more of a variety in some of the stores, compared to the stores in New York City, where I’m from.  Marshall Street stores are usually more expensive than the store from back home, but there is a great selection of Syracuse apparel.”  — Stanley Lin

A: “Around campus, I shop at Rhodadendron.  I don’t usually buy clothes, but I like the jewelry.  At the Carousel Mall I just stick to H&M and Forever 21.”  — Jennifer Kong

A: “I try not to shop anywhere in Syracuse because I like shopping back in Soho.  When I do shop around here for something quick, I go to Carousel Mall for Forever 21, H&M and Macy’s.  I also really like the jewelry at Lord and Taylor.  Rhodadendron and J-Michael’s have really cute stuff too.”  — Sarah Kim

A: “On Marshall Street, I go to Shirt World to shop because they have the best deals.  I buy Champs sweatshirts and shirts there.”  — Kevin Oh

A: “J-Michael’s – they have variety and a large selection of fashionable items.  I try to maintain a comfortable look, and brands like North Face and UGG help me do that.”  — Sheron Kim

A: “I love Rhodadendron because it’s very fashionable and affordable.  Everything is really cute and the store’s aura is very welcoming, unique and funky.  It’s different from all the other stores around campus.”  — Susan Lee


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