The Look For Less

This piece also appeared in the Fall 2009 issue.

By Natt Garunrangseewong

Love the designer items but can’t afford the prices?  It’s no wonder that many college students flock to Forever 21, a Korean-American apparel company that offers trendy clothing for affordable prices.  With each article of clothing ranging from $2.50 to no more than $50, here are three Forever 21 looks inspired by spring 2010 designs.

Don’t let the patterns intimidate you, there’s a way to make this work without overdoing the prints.  Pair this silky boatneck top ($14.80) with a similar purple flower pattern with a dark floral mini skirt ($14.80) for the base.  Top the ensemble off with a tweed jacket ($24.80) and you’ve got patterns that work together, not against.
Total Cost: $54.40


A look at Jason Wu’s spring 2010 collection and anyone is sure to be impressed by the gorgeous prints on each piece.  With patterns that are hard to recreate, it’s amazing that we’ve found a dress that’s very similar to this look.  Match this sweater top dress ($24.80) with oversized sunglasses ($5.80) and you too can walk your own runway!
Total Cost: $30.60


Richard Chai designed a flirty pink romper paired with a steel blue jacket, giving the soft feminine look a hard edge.  This magenta silk romper ($19.80) has a similar color and ruffle feel.  Pair this with a faux-leather jacket ($39.80) to add a slouchy, tough look.
Total Cost: $59.60


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