Popular Asian Blogs

This piece also appeared in the Fall 2009 issue.

By Christine Oh

Stuff Korean Moms Like (http://stuffkoreanmomslike.blogspot.com)

“Scrubbing…” (Post #28): “Yes, it’s time to mention what every Korean Mom has…The infamous ‘Italy Cloth’, or ‘Ddeh’ cloth. It removes dead skin, a layer of fat, some muscle, and if you scrub hard enough; your soul.”

This hilarious blog is a must-read for anyone with or even without a Korean mom.  Chiyo’s sharp wit and sarcasm have readers shaking with laughter.  Read and re-live the embarrassing and dreadful memories of growing up with an Asian mother with borderline crazy antics involving “Punishment” (post #52), hoarding “Paper and Plastic Bags” (#42), and “Telling People they are Fat” (#11).  It’s like free group therapy.

This blog has been featured in International Family Magazine, The Gwanju News and famous blogs, such as Stuff Asians Like and Angry Little Asian Girl.

“A MyMomisaFOB Classic”: “My mom doesn’t want to get a tan, so she wears these when she drives. This picture was taken in the (sunless) early evening…. heading into Philly.”

My Mom is a FOB (http://mymomisafob.com)
My Dad is a FOB (http://mydadisafob.com)

Text message from Mom: “Is ‘funk’ means sexy?”  These two blogs feature content contributed by readers on their “painfully nosy, unintentionally hilarious and endearingly fobby” Asian parents.  Get a laugh out of funny and cute text messages, phone conversations, notes full of misspelled words and other random nonsense submitted by readers at the expense of their Asian parents.

January 1, 2010 post: “She perched herself on top of my shoulders and waited for my next move. I didn’t have one. The only thing I could do was admit defeat: She hasn’t had a bath since…”

Absolute Angel 64 (http://absolutangel64.xanga.com)

“Cristeta Comerford: You’re An Iron Chef America Winner”: “Being the the first woman and first Asian American and first Filipino White House Executive Chef – sure – that says a little about who Cristeta Comerford is – but really – you’ve gotta win in Stadium Kitchen to really prove yourself.”

Slant Eye for the Round Eye (www.slanteyefortheroundeye.com)

Asians do exist in the media other than Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and that random Chinese deli man in the movies.  Find out who on Slant Eye for the Round Eye, a blog that updates news on Asians and Asian Americans in pop culture, politics, sports and music, with the occasional social commentary on race and identity.

Other Blogs to Check Out

Stuff Asian People Like (http://asian-central.com)

Angry Little Asian Girls (http://angrylittleasiangirls.com)

Angry Asian Man (http://angryasianman.com)

Disgrasian (http://disgrasian.com)

Chinese or Japanese (http://chineseorjapanese.com)


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