Friday Festivities

Friday, April 16 seems to be THE day for Asian awareness events.  They’re all definitely worth checking out, so bring your friends, spread the word and continue supporting APA Month!

Work In Asia | 10am – 4pm | Whitman School of Management | Contact: 415.350.2306
The Case Study Club will be collaborating with the Entrepreneurship Club, ASIA, Global Chinese Connection, Korean Association of Syracuse University and International Business Club to bring forth guest speakers and experts to talk about the business and living environment in Asia.  Snacks will be provided.

APA Heritage Month Commemorative Speaker: C.N. Le |5pm | Watson Theatre| Contact:
C.N. Le is the founder and webmaster of, a sophisticated portal of articles and resources about Asian Americans in U.S. history and culture.  Le, a professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, will address the role of prevailing racial stereotypes and the social marginalization of Asian and Asian Americans in explaining the 1997 Syracuse Denny’s Incident and the more recent attacks on Asian American students at South Philadelphia High School.

LINK Spring Tour Screening | 6pm – 8pm | Newhouse III, Rm 141| Contact:
Liberty In North Korea (LINK) will be screening the National Geographic documentary, “Inside North Korea,” which follows host Lisa Ling, field correspondent for the Oprah Winfrey Show, as she poses undercover as a medical coordinator in order to sneak into the country and capture rare footage of life in North Korea.  Lisa Ling also happens to be the sister of Laura Ling — one of the two American journalists recently detained in North Korea.  Ironic, right?

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology | 6:30pm| Shemin Auditorium| Contact:

Jeff Yang is the founder, editor and publisher of the pioneering Asian American periodical, A Magazine, and has contributed to publications ranging from Spin and Vibe to Animerica and Flux.  He is one of the editors of “Secret Identities,” a comics anthology, and will be speaking about the nature of identity, the power of the superhero myth and the eye-opening issues behind his groundbreaking book.


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