Four Years in the Making

ASIA’s President, Judy Ho, bids farewell as she prepares to graduate in May. This piece also appeared in the Spring 2010 issue.

Dear All,

I’m usually someone who gets things done on time, or at least by deadline, but as the end of senior year rolled around the corner, I found myself dragging my feet.  I ended up looking back through old photos, Facebook comments and journal entries with even more reluctance to start this farewell.  But I guess my time is up so here goes:

I came into Syracuse University as a Film student in VPA with no intention of joining ASIA or any other cultural organization on campus.  In fact, I was one of the “lucky” freshmen placed in the Discovery Learning Community at Skyhalls on South Campus where buses came when they felt like it and I missed many opportunities to meet new people.  Despite these obstacles, I still managed to meet some of my best friends (love to Skyhalls, Watson, Ackerman & Ostrom; you know who you are), respected upperclassmen, ASIA executive board members and most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

I still remember the first ASIA general interest meeting I attended where I dragged one of my floor mates, now current roommate and good friend, so I could find the upperclassman who handed me my first ASIA flier.  Although I never really got to talk to the upperclassman, I ended up really enjoying myself and meeting people I now call my friends.  My journey in ASIA took flight from there and I’m fortunate to have watched ASIA grow and continue to grow.

Since my freshman year, my horizons have expanded.  I’ve changed my major, broken down and built myself back up and found people who keep me together.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the greatest friends I have made who have supported, understood and appreciated every part of me.  Also, to the upperclassmen/alumni, faculty and professors who opened my eyes to new things (tinikling, Denny’s Incident, ECAASU, etc.) and new people, who had the patience to listen to my opinions and random thoughts and ultimately pushed my decision to run for an executive board (e-board) position.  Without their influence, I would not have realized my potential as a leader and developed an active voice on campus.

Now, I am lucky to be the president of one of the largest cultural organizations at Syracuse University.  I’m proud to support and thank my current e-board for all of their hard work.  I’ve never worked with a more passionate, devoted, hard-working group of people.  Without all of you, there would be no ASIA.  Keep the legacy strong!

I can only hope that I have had similar influences on others as I have from my peers and elders.  If not, I hope these nuggets of wisdom I’ve had to learn throughout my four years reaches the right people.

For the easily overwhelmed: Take things one step at a time.  Set a goal, but don’t look at it full on.  Glance at it, then work your way to it at your own rhythm.

For the self-conscious: Don’t be afraid to be wrong, just do it.  You’re human and what’s more, you’re in college where you’re allowed to make mistakes.  Laugh at them and move on.

For the slackers and perfectionists: Just write/make something, anything.  It’s going to be ugly, it probably sucks, but at least you started and you can always revise later.

For the proud: Listen.  And accept.

For the Asians: AAA minor?  What?  Hell yes.

For everyone: Do at least one thing that kicks butt every year.  Learn something new, talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.

And no regrets.

I’m probably missing a lot, but I don’t want to ramble anymore so this is where I’ll stop.  I hope somehow something I’ve said has struck a chord with someone and if not, I hope you were at least entertained by my letter.  Regardless, I shut down during good byes, so I’ll just say…

See you all soon,



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