Harvest: From Mooncakes to Jumba

MoonCakesHappy belated Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Chuseok, or whatever you may call the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month! Celebrated this past Wednesday, this lunar holiday is my favorite because I can stuff my face with white-lotus-seed paste with double egg-yolk mooncakes and celebrate the theme of harvest!

This holiday is just more than the celebration of a harvest of crops; but moreover a harvest of knowledge. Growing up in San Francisco, it was the perfect time for my dad and I to bond over a random list of topics ranging from Chinese literature to my father’s childhood growing up in five different countries. Now that I am three-thousand miles away from home, I realized that I can’t undervalue the nuggets of knowledge gained from a father-son relationship.

As a communicatioKevin and Michael Wuns student, I have yet to witness an Asian American father-son relationship developed on national television.  This is why I am excited to see YouTube personality Kevin Wu (a.k.a. KevJumba), and his father, Michael, globetrotting on The Amazing Race 17 (a.k.a. TAR). As the show debuts this Sunday night at 8:30 PM, I am excited to see how Team Wu (or are they going by Jumba?) will fare. In addition, I am excited to see if their comical father-son relationship seen YouTube will translate to national television. No matter what, America will get to view an Asian American father-son relationship. However, I am wondering the following:

1)      Whether the father-son duo will harvest much more knowledge about each other throughout the show’s intense nature?

2)      How will the media apply the Wu’s experiences on the TAR to what defines the Asian American father-son relationship?

3)      Will the relationship become a hot-topic in multicultural conferences such as the East Coast Asian American Student Union Conference as well as in general society?

Readers, what are your thoughts? How will Team Wu fair? Do you think that the media will negatively or positively portray the Asian American father-son relationship? I am very excited to hear your feedback.

– Jonathan Chan (a.k.a. J.Chan)


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