Michelle Phan

YouTube has been an immense success in our technological generation. Its open access and variety of videos has allowed people to post everything and anything (well, almost) onto the worldwide web. This website has become an international resource of all sorts with simultaneous hits throughout all hours of the day and night.

Some individuals have even been able to create careers out of their membership on YouTube.

Michelle Phan, for example, is a Vietnamese American who started sharing her makeup tutorials when she was a university student. Originally an illustration major, her interest in make up was simply a hobby. Nowadays, Phan is the most subscribed female on YouTube. Her original channel has become so popular that companies such as Laura Mercier and Lancome had to take notice. Phan was recruited first as a spokesperson for Laura Mercier, then as a professional make up artist for Lancome cosmetics. Her old home made videos have now turned into Lancome sponsored edited reels – which still film her in a cozy home background, but also feature her trips to New York Fashion Week at the Chris Benz show, as well as the Michael Kors Spring Collection 2010 show.

Other examples of YouTube “celebrities” include Christine Gambito “Happyslip” and Kevin Wu “KevJumba” – two funny comedians whose weekly sketches gained them public acclaim. KevJumba’s popularity in fact placed him and his dad on the show “The Amazing Race,” because his humorous antics and personal charm were found appealing to so many viewers.

It’s amazing how regular people have achieved fame in the simplest, most effective uses of the Internet. Who thought that a weekly hobby or a weekly blog of one’s opinion could later turn into a career?

– Carmen Reyes

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