Cakes with an Asian twist

Not your typical cupcake

I read about a cupcake store in the NYC Chinatown in the New York Times, and it struck me as the oddest place to open a cupcake store. Owned by Chinese-American husband and wife, John Wu and Terri Lu, the two have introduced an Asian twist to their cakes.

Everything Frosted sells cakes with Asian flavors as well as classic flavors. Here’s the full list of their options: vanilla, chocolate, jasmine tea, black sesame, green tea, red velvet, pink champagne, lemon zest, light orange, oreo, pistachio and mango.

John Wu shared with Civic Center Residents Coalition NYC (CCRCNYC) that the lychee frosting was one of the most popular flavors this summer.

Owner John Wu serving customers

CCRCNYC writes that Wu “wanted to eventually bring his knowledge and experience back to the Chinese community to see what they would think about combining his newfound techniques with traditional and familiar ingredients such as red bean, green tea, and jasmine.”

His wife (they actually just got married this past November 1st) is also loyal to her home of Chinatown. “I grew up here, my mom works around the corner, I went to school here, I feel very comfortable here,” Terri Lu told CCRNYC, which wrote that “both partners knew early on in their careers that they would be bringing their talents back to the neighborhood they loved as kids.” Lu is experienced in hospitality and event planning, so she takes care of the coordination for wedding cakes while her husband takes care of the cake making.

It’s the store’s first year in business, and has proved its appeal to to more than just Asian-Americans, but of many backgrounds dropping in during their lunch breaks.

If you are ever in NYC Chinatown, be sure to drop by 105 Mosco Street to try their Asian flavored cupcakes, which range from $1.50 to $3.00.

Photo Credit: Marilynn K. Yee/New York Times

– Jennfer Cheng

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