Luan Legacy

“Spittin’ ain’t cute!’
“Girl you are 14, oh! Buddha!”
“Having abs is like having 6 boyfriends on your stomach who won’t ever leave you.”
“Excuse me, did I just order from the kid’s menu, give me a burger!”
“I got hoed today, bro!”

These are just a few quotes from a pint sized Asian who is taking the Youtube comedy club at large. When fans of Luan Legacy aren’t listening to his high-pitched, fast-paced rants about everyday qualms, they’re anxiously anticipating the release of his newest sketch. His blunt opinions shine through his reels with a ghetto-star attitude, as he recounts the “stupidity” of run-ins with clueless strangers (“Dumb girl at the Bustop,” “The Akins Special,” and a high brow rich boy who doesn’t like Lipton Iced Tea, to name a few).

But one thing that separates Luan from his fellow Youtubers is his ability to mix comedy with serious issues. Luan, a Texan high school senior, chooses to mix his gay-rights activism with comedic twists. Though most of his videos vary from ordinary complaints, Luan uses Youtube to channel his frustrations about homophobe bullies who victimize closeted gays. In videos such as “It Gets Better if You Want it To,” “Prop 8 Has Been Repealed,” “Sexual Orientation is NOT a choice,” and “Stop Hating on Feminine Gays,” viewers get to see more serious side of Luan. In these clips, he addresses the dangers of suicide attempts, feelings of oppression by the LGBT community, and his ideals to champion equal rights. He also promotes other positive messages, such as believing in oneself and nurturing a high self-esteem.

With a voice as fierce and fiery as his Kool-Aid dyed Mohawk, Luan is definitely a newfound favorite to check out, either at:Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog TV, or Myspace.

And as Luan would say:

Love you guys ❤ (mwah*) Bye!

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