Donate to Japanese Student Association

The tsunami that struck Japan was 14 days ago, but there are still reverberating effects and the country in crisis needs our help.

What has happened:
The 9.0 magnitude earthquake was the largest to ever hit Japan. Even though the country has had a history of earthquakes, being situated right on the Ring of Fire, the protective measures against the earthquake was still not enough to withstand the destructive force of the tsunami. Three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station had explosions and radioative gas leaks, resulting in a severe nuclear emergency. Radioactive materials were found in the atmosphere, Washington Post reports that the radioactive material detected in water, milk and vegetables in the region around the nuclear power station were found to be above the legal limit. The New York Times reports that as of March 24, the official death toll has climbed to 9,500 with more than 16,000 people missing. Officials expect the final toll to be nearly 20,000.
How you can help:

The Japanese Student Association is fund-raising on behalf of the Consul-General of Japan in New York. There are donation boxes dotted all over campus:

Locations of donation boxes to help Japan

– Jennifer Cheng


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