ALINE E-BOARD 2013-2014

Learn a little more about our ALINE E-board! Find out where they’re from, what they’re majoring in, and why they decided to get involved with this publication.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Chloe Gersten
Cincinnati, Ohio
Magazine Journalism Major | Class of 2014
I decided to get involved with ALINE because I had something to say and I needed an audience to listen. Now it’s my privilege to be the one providing others an opportunity to be heard.
Astoria, New York
Newspaper and Online Journalism and Political Science Majors, Asian/Asian American Studies Minor | Class of 2015
When I first arrived on campus in 2011, I was in search of an Asian American publication. So when I found ALINE, I knew this was for me. ALINE combined two of my passions: writing and Asian American issues. It has served as a venue for news and information, culture, entertainment and creativity. For me, ALINE is not just a publication, but a community striving to tell untold stories, share common experiences and create an inclusive space for all.
Voorhees, New Jersey

Graphic Design Major and IT Minor | Class of 2014
I decided to get involved with ALINE because Asian Americans on and off campus make news everyday, but there’s not really an outlet of it here at SU. ALINE strives to be that lost voice, or collection of lost voices, for Asian American-related news, and I’m happy to be a part of that outlet.
Westwood, MA
Computer Art and Animation Major | Class of 2014
I’m involved with ALINE because I want to better learn about being part of a team, and further myself in learning about editorial illustration within a magazine setting.
New York City, New York
Photography and Psychology Majors | Class of 2016
Last year, I was asked if I could help with a couple shoots. I really enjoyed the experience and wanted to come back.
Torrance, California
Interior Design Major | Class of 2015
So that I can be more closely associated with Asian-American issues and news, and to have a part in shaping how people see these topics. Also, I joined to help out the people on ALINE with the amount of work they have to do to publish this magazine.
NEWS EDITOR: Lillian Kim
Rancho Cucamonga, California
History Major | Class of 2014
I want Asian-Americans here at Syracuse University to be heard.
Alhambra, California
Magazine Journalism and International Relations Majors | Class of 2015
I’ve always looked forward to reading ALINE Magazine every semester and jumped at the opportunity to be involved. There are stories that relate directly to the Asian American experience but also topics that are universal, regardless of your background.  I wanted to be able to be able to bring stories to life that I cared about, that I think my peers would care about.
P.R., China
Television, Radio, Film Major | Class of 2014
ALINE Magazine is a perfect platform where our voice for diversity can be heard.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Art Video Major| Class of 2015
Writing and fashion were two of my great passions entering university, so as soon as freshman year, I was looking to get involved in an on-campus publication. After countless failed attempts of joining a few organizations, I decided to just create my own platform online. Luckily, a friend of mine told me about the fashion editor position my sophomore year and I was elated. Although I had a lot on my plate, I would have been a fool to walk a way from the opportunity to run my own fashion section of a great magazine. It’s amazing to be able to not only write for a fashion section, but have the overall say in its direction. Through leading my online blog and working with ALINE, I have now decided that I am much more interested in directing the vision of a brand or publication. It may require a few extra years of school but with more education comes more access.
FOOD EDITOR: Tracy Yeung
Queens, New York
Marketing and Supply Chain Management Majors | Class of 2014
I became involved with ALINE mostly because of my active involvement in ASIA. I started by writing for ALINE my junior year.  As an advocate for asian american awareness, I grew to love reading and writing stories for ALINE.  Aside from ASIA, ALINE is another strong source of Asian American representation. Being the only Asian-interest magazine on campus, I feel like ALINE does a great job in bringing awareness and creating a voice for the Asian Americans at Syracuse University.
Castro Valley, CA
Broadcast and Digital Journalism Major | Class of 2016
Getting involved with ALINE Magazine, even from a social media perspective, has allowed me to become even more aware of issues that are relative to the Asian American community. Though this is an Asian American interest magazine, it’s imperative for us as college students to embrace diversity and gain a better understanding of what role we must assume to create an inclusive community. Publications like ALINE help us to do just that. I am extremely impressed by the talented staff members of ALINE, and I look forward to seeing how this magazine will continue to improve over the next few years.

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