A Fusion of Flavors


By Joy Muchtar |  Kappa Phi Lambda

Main Dish

Nasi campur: an Indonesian dish with fragrant jasmine rice as the main centerpiece and a halo of side dishes surrounding it.

Made's Warung - Nasi Campur - 好吃!Rice / 米饭 / nasi // is a staple for both Indonesian and Chinese culture. I am of Chinese blood but Indonesian by birth. Both cultures, though different yet similar, resonated with me throughout my 19 years of living. The rainbow-colored side dishes surrounds the rice and represents the experiences I went through to make me the person I am today.

Side Dishes

Satay: pieces of chicken, beef or pork on wooden skewers that are grilled over hot coals.

Sometimes pieces of your mind and soul will be tested upon the flames of life, you can either let yourself burn and not be edible anymore, or you can flourish through it and become a delicious counterpart to a main dish.

Sayur mayur: various kinds of chopped vegetables.

Vegetables can be cooked in different ways to satisfy the tongue; with chopped garlic, with hot chili paste, with savory oyster sauce. This time, it’s vegetables eaten in it’s best way: raw and fresh. Because sometimes things or people, untouched and pure, are the best kind.

Tempeh: fermented whole soybeans that are packed together to resemble a cake full of protein; usually deep fried or sautéed in a soy-sauce base.

This side is only completed after the soybeans have matured for quite some time; with the right choices and loving guidance from the people in my life, I hope to grow and be as good as raw tempeh.

Telor: boiled or fried eggs

My motto in life is actually: “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy, too.” I hope this short essay has been the sunny side up to your already wonderful day.

With my spoon and fork,

Joy Ananda Muchtar // 李佩恩

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