Past Issues

Spring 2017

In this issue: Find out what boba flavor you are, explore new Asian dishes, breaking APPI stereotypes, and take a crash course on the best Korean beauty products out there in this colorful and illustration-filled issue!

Fall 2016

In this issue: Three individual stories of of different Asian American experiences, Asian glow, Asians on Tinder, the sex talk, plastic surgery (especially the double eyelid surgery), and Muslim culture are just a few of the intriguing topics in this issue!

Spring 2016

In this issue: Asian male representation in media, yellow fever, AAPI style, feminism, the One Child Policy, some yummy recipes, and others make this comeback issue a successful hit!

Fall 2013

In this issue: Remember when we didn’t have an Asian/Asian American studies minor, China passed the U.S. in adult diabetes diagnoses, a Chinese American journalist and famous television anchor undergoes surgery to make her “Asian eyes” larger, how the model minority myth makes us invisible, plus a Japanese subculture that’s really just plain old blackface.

Spring 2013

In this issue: The most influential Asian Americans writing, organizing, and creating, from Steve Aoki to Eddie Huang to Ang Lee, a white student’s case against affirmative action, the stunning whiteness of Newhouse, how the media perpetuates racist narratives about rape culture abroad, and the blogger behind the Angry Asian Man blog.

Fall 2012

In this issue: A breakdown of Obama’s immigration policy, the suicide of a young private hazed by eight of his superiors, Asians in Greek life, who’s really the punchline when we’re laughing at Gangnam Style (remember when SU discovered this gem and thought it would get even funnier if we made five more tribute videos), and the counterfeit industry is alive and well.

Fall 2011

In this issue: American fast food lands in Asia, a now-defunct dim sum restaurant on Marshall Street (RIP) and good Korean food in Syracuse! Also, chain-smoking turns out to be a prevalent social habit among Asians and Asian Americans.

Spring 2010

In this issue: The 20th anniversary issue. How did so many Asian carps end up in Lake Michigan?, that time Japan Airlines declared bankruptcy, when diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and a blood disorder are prevalent in Asians but they don’t know it, eyelid surgeries, and how anorexia has crept into Bollywood.